The Little Things

It’s the little things.

That’s honestly my catch phrase right now. It’s the little setbacks that mark a bad day. Or, the little beauties in the world that make your day. I prefer the second one.

Honestly though, on the bad days I’ve started looking for the little good things. Maybe someone gives you a smile. Maybe the girl at chipotle puts a massive glob of guacamole; more than any normal human should be able to consume. Maybe it’s the smell of coffee or an encouragement. Or crisp air and warm coffee makes your heart sing a little. Maybe it’s finding a beautiful photograph. Whatever makes you want to celebrate, start looking for it.

I firmly believe that each and every day has a million good things to it. We just have to pay attention to them.

So I challenge you to find joy each day this week. Listen; maybe God has a beautiful message for you on a rainy morning. Maybe the falling leaves will excite your heart the way they do mine. Maybe it’s the wonder of a great facemask (can you guess what I’m doing right now?). Whatever it is, find joy in your day. Start making that your priority.

I have a wooden sign that sits on my desk and it says, “Today I choose joy.” Today I choose joy. Joy, like love, isn’t always what we feel when we wake up in the morning. It’s a conscious choice and way of life. Choose joy. Someone once explained to me that happiness is based off your momentary situation but joy is a state of being. Make joy a part of who you are.

Do you find joy and thankfulness hard qualities to grasp? Ask Jesus for help. He loves to show up and help us. Actually, everyone do that. Take a moment and pray. Ask for His guidance and supreme joy. Cause if you get down to the roots of joy, where else would it come from besides the King of Joy?


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