A Photo Story- New Orleans

New Orleans was an explosion of colors, scents, sounds, and people. I was there for less than 24 hours but I absolutely loved it. I definitely saw a very small portion of the city, basically only the French Quarter. This is the first time I really played around with my camera in a city setting. These pictures are far from perfect but I like them. So, I give you, New Orleans through my eyes.

DSC_8580 - Version 2

DSC_8575 - Version 2This is one of my favorite photos. I took it one-handed (chicory coffee balanced in the other hand), while walking, before a van came down the street. It reminds me of Ireland and this was my favorite part of New Orleans.**

DSC_8563 - Version 2

Ok, so it’s a little burry. But it was cute and I love my momma.

DSC_8549 - Version 2     The first photo I took in Louisiana! I definitely had my dad’s help with this one. Still learning all the weird settings but I love how it turned out! It was really foggy and damp while we were there which made everything all the more wonderful.

DSC_8586 - Version 2

Snapped this on Bourbon Street. Most of the signs look something like this. Advertising the girls inside.

DSC_8568 - Version 2


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