Resolutions and Bravery


  1. Be brave


My New Year resolutions this year weren’t particularly complicated. In fact, I only made one. This happens to be my first and only resolution as well. When I say I want to “Be Brave” it has little to do with jumping out of airplanes or facing mountain lions though I suppose that’s some people’s definition of bravery. I think bravery can be ordinary though. Sometimes it just means stepping out of your comfort zone and asking someone you don’t know well to coffee. For me, sharing this blog or my photography was a huge step of bravery. Forging and loving someone when you know that in his or her imperfection, they will hurt you at some point is bravery as well. Bravery is facing the everyday, scary things of life.

Last week I conquered one of my fears. I went out and took photos by myself for the first time. This may seem insignificant to you but a year ago I could barely take photos in public with a group of friends surrounding me. My little people pleasing brain quivered at the thought of strangers staring at me. This wasn’t a dramatic victory. I spend 10 minutes walking around my town’s square. But it is a step in a new direction, one where I don’t limit myself out of fear.

I’m not sure what bravery looks like in your life but I encourage you to act upon it this week. Perhaps you need to open up to someone and let him or her know what is happening in your life. Perhaps you need to show up in a scary social setting. Perhaps you really do need to jump out of a plane (Please don’t though, I really like you better when you’re breathing). Maybe the Lord is calling you to share the gospel with someone.

Whatever your battlefield is, 2 Timothy 1:7 says, ”For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self control.”


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