1 Year of Blogging

Oh hey there. 🙂 Happy New Year! I hope your holiday season has been full of laughs, smiles, and wood burning fireplaces. Cause those kind of days are the best. This post and the last one are the first things I’ve written since August so YAY. Every other post has been an older piece that I’ve drug up from my records. One of the side effects of being way too busy is a lack of inspiration and creativity. So I see this post as a celebration of rest! Hurrah for a well rested mind and fed soul (those are also the best kind).


The New Year is here!! Happy New Year’s Eve! Today marks the 1-year birthday of Firecracker Heart! Last December I set one goal for myself, to be brave. This mostly included tackling the crippling social anxiety I felt and the fear of others opinions. Publically sharing my work on this blog was terrifying to me. After a year of working on this blog, I’m so thankful for this space and each one of you lovely people. Thank you for reading along with me, connecting with me, and all the people who have encouraged me along the way.

This past year I have grown and changed significantly in response to that goal. I’m in no way done with growing, as I still have to remind myself to be brave daily. However, thinking back to last January, I’m in a much happier and healthier place. Some of the adventures I’ve had this year have been so much fun and that is a result of the Holy Spirit’s prompting and strength to be braver. I don’t want to stop growing or pushing myself so this year I’ve decided to go big or go home. Last year I set 1 goal and this year I’ve set 7. I’d like to share them with you below.

SO GOALS. Let’s set them.


  1. Do 3 things a day that scare me.

This one most closely resembles last years, “be brave,” mandate. I’m not going to be super regimented about counting out conquering fears however I do want to push myself more. This past year I worked on things like going to events without knowing anyone, joining groups, trusting my heart to new people, and doing my first shoot alone. These were BIG fears for me. I want to keep working on approaching people I don’t know well, speaking up more in classes/meetings, ect. I hate avoiding normal day stuff because I’m afraid so 2016 is going to be for tackling that!

  1. Pursue beauty everyday.

This is actually one of my main life tenants. I think it’s so important to live a thankful, content life. I want to pursue beauty by creating things as well as recognizing the beauty that God has placed on this earth. (Note: this doesn’t necessarily mean physical beauty. Sometimes it’s a stranger’s kind smile or the beauty of someone’s heart. But the sunrise works as well) 😉

  1. And then blog some more.

Hey this ones about y’all! I seriously enjoy blogging but I didn’t handle the day-to-day work well this past spring. I’m in the process of planning out regular uploads and pre-scheduling content for Firecracker Heart! Super excited about the 2016 plans so far.

  1. Live life in full COLOR!

Another tenant of my life! I want to live my life appreciating each moment and making the most of it. One of the things I learned over the summer was that every moment can have intentionality behind it. I can work and go so much more than I thought I could. I’m tempted to think I need a rest day or a night off a lot to avoid adventures or meaningful conversations. I’m all about resting well and being healthy but it’s really easy to use that as an excuse. So this resolution is all about making the most of the time I have.

  1. Forgive all day every day.

Wheh, forgiveness. It kinda stinks right? It’s hard to forgive people when they hurt you. I tend to have a defense strategy that makes me want to push people away when they hurt me. As in, mess up once and you’re out. Life doesn’t work that way though. We are all sinners and we mess up. We hurt one another, even if it’s not intentionally. I really want to work on my heart and making it closer to Jesus who forgave us for the ultimate sins.

  1. Take all DE photos.

Exploring via my camera has been so much FUN. Like, crazy fun. So I have some certain photo goals that will help me continue to grow and learn about this craft. I’m not gonna post all the boring details here but I do want to mention that sometimes growth hurts. As in, there’s a learning curve with photography and it’s not fun to take photos outside your comfort zone or preference. (i.e. portraits scare me and I find way more difficult than architecture) So my plan is to work outside my comfort zone and try all kinds of new things.

7. Read!

I’m sick of telling myself I’m too busy. NOPE. Not happening this year. There are SO many books I have on a list that I want to learn from and glean wisdom from. I love the written word and this year I want to make time to learn from others about Jesus, ministry, and the world. SO, my first book list is below. I was given some of these recently and a few I just had one my self.

My Reading List:

“When Helping Hurts,” by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

“Creative Confidence,” by Tome Kelley and David Kelley

“Ragamuffin Gospel,” by Brennan Manning

“Crazy Love,” by Francis Chan



 I’m SO SO excited to get cracking on these! If you’re thinking of setting your own goals, I highly encourage it! I do have a piece of advice, striving for a goal is a little painful. Growth pushes you to be uncomfortable. But nothing on my list is impossible or excruciating. I prayed about it and picked things that I can grow the most in and through. These are things I need to grow in. Others might think they’re easy but for me they aren’t. Goals, by nature, are personal and individual. So choose what’s best for you not for anyone else. If you make a list I’d love to know what you choose and be praying for your growth! Have a very happy New Year and thanks for spending a year with me. 🙂


P.S. The Firecracker Heart now has its very own Pinterest page! Check it out by clicking the hyperlink or by searching ”Firecracker Heart.”


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