Your Name

Knowing who you are changes things right? People travel the world, take weird jobs, and do all sorts of things to “find themselves.” Sometimes it’s hard to get to know your own soul. But knowing yourself allows you to know better what your dreams are and what you want. It also opens all kinds of doors in terms of self-confidence, respecting yourself, and being assertive. Personally I think it’s important to understand my mind, heart, and soul. This includes acknowledging the good and the bad. Seeing my sin clearly in the light of Jesus’ grace.

When we look closely at our character it’s oftentimes disappointing right? I find it much easier to see my shortcomings and failings over any miniscule victories. It’s always easy to see view myself as “not enough.” That’s when I remind myself of who God says I am. I mean He created me after all. He knows me pretty well. Knowing who He says I am also alerts me to who I should be striving to become. (growth, it’s oh so fun right?)

  1. A child of God, John 1:12

Wowow. What an encouragement when I feel insecure or not enough. We are children of the holy and perfect Lord of the universe.

  1. Not condemned, Romans 8:1

This is such a sweet descriptor to me. I struggle with the feeling of guilt and shame at the recognition of my sin. It’s so hard for me to accept grace but Jesus’ reminds us that we are not under the condemnation of God!

  1. Dearly Loved, 1 John 4:9-10

This is a hug for a hurting heart right?

  1. No longer a slave! Romans 6:6

YES YES YES! The chains of sin no longer hold me! Through the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ, I have been set free from my own sin. If you have accepted the free gift of salvation that Jesus offers, think to that moment when you were saved. I remember that feeling of complete freedom, like the world had lifted from my shoulders. It was the closest moment to pure joy I think I have ever experienced. Our failings can no longer trap and hold us in prison.

  1. God’s creation with the purpose of good works, Ephesians 2:10

God created us to do good works in His name. I want to be careful here, we do NOT earn God’s forgiveness or approval through our works. That can only be had through Jesus covering our sins. However, out of love and reverence for God’s perfection and His mandate on our lives, we do good works in worship of Him.

Mmm, I LOVE those. Reminding myself of how God sees me is so encouraging and helpful. I hope this built you up and reminded you of truth today. I may end up writing more on this topic and featuring different things God says about us. (Actually, if you are inspired by this idea shoot me an email and you might just get featured!) Quick disclaimer: I mean in no way to diminish sin. I oftentimes feel like I or my talents are not enough or forget that I am worthy of respect. Reminding myself who God says I am encourages and strengthens me. So let’s go forward today viewing ourselves in the light of God’s grace. What name means the most to you?


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