A Photo Story- Venice

READY FOR SOME PHOTOS?! Me too. Venice photos have got me stoked! I’m pretty convinced that it’s impossible to take a bad photo in this city. Everything is warm and colorful. I traveled here a few weeks ago and experienced the most beautiful few days. Even though I didn’t spend a terribly long time in Italy, I’d venture to say it’s my favorite place I’ve traveled so far. The food, culture, and sights are just incredible. Stay tuned for many more photos and a travel diary soon!20160115_121_Massey20160115_005_Massey20160115_103_Massey

Photo Credit: Jordan Massey20160115_104_Massey

Photo Credit: Jordan Massey20160115_109_Massey

Photo Credit: Jordan Massey20160115_115_Massey20160115_155_Massey20160116_004_Massey20160116_006_Massey20160116_026_Massey20160116_028_Massey20160116_057_Massey20160116_061_Massey

What’s your favorite image? Let me know down below!


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