Adventures: Nashville Waterfront

Good morning friends! Hope this Thursday is treating you well. Stoked to share a new adventure post with you today. I thought everyone knew about Nashville’s waterfront by the pedestrian bridge but lately I’ve had multiple conversations with people who had no idea it existed. So if you don’t know or aren’t from the Nashville area, the pedestrian bridge is one of my favorite places. You can park at Nissan Stadium (previously known as LP Field) for free as long as there isn’t an event and walk straight to it. Theres a long sidewalk along the riverfront that showcases an impressive view of the Nashville skyline. There’s even a small park for kids (or big kids like me) to play on.

In the summer time, a variety of concerts are played in this area and plenty of people lay out to catch some rays. Personally, I think it’s beautiful any time of year and especially if you catch one of Nashville’s sunsets. If you’re looking for nightlife, Broadway is just a short walk across the bridge. Broadway has the somewhat quintessential Nashville “country bars,” and touristy shops. I don’t recommend that area as an every week kind of thing, but you have to walk it at least once. Almost any stock photo of Nashville includes that strip.

There’s not too much to eat in this area. If you don’t mind a short drive… I recommend The Pharmacy or The Wild Cow to grab a bite to eat. The Pharmacy is a burger joint with an almost constant wait, but it’s well worth it. They have a large beer garden that is one of my favorite warm weather spots. There’s long picnic tables and hanging lights which creates a great atmosphere. The Wild Cow is a vegetarian restaurant that all my meat-eating friends LOVE. Great food and a fun atmosphere (plus it doesn’t put too big of a dent in your wallet!)


(Broadway is directly to the left of these buildings)20160129_040_Massey20160129_180_Massey(Side note: this bridge is actually the one you drive over and is just a short walk from the Pedestrian bridge. Whatever architect designed this bridge should have a round of applause.)20160129_137_Massey20160129_150_Massey20160129_153_Massey



What’s your favorite photo? Let me know below and always, if you visit tell me how you like it!


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