Heart of Adventure

Welcome friends!!

Is it just me or is spring trying to make an appearance? I keep seeing glimpses of warmth and the new life that spring brings. I always forget what a joyful, happy, curl up in the sun kind-of-amazing time of year this is and the realization actually inspired this post. We often times get caught up in the moment and forget to look up and around us. I titled this post “heart of adventure” because my definition of that phrase literally is enjoying the journey. We talk a lot about travel nowadays. You see a ton of it here on Firecracker Heart actually. Exploring new places is fun right? Filling our hearts up with adventures is always a good thing in my book. However, I also believe everything we do needs to have the right heart and mindset behind it.

I see a lot of posts and comments about managing travel stress. Most of these articles list about a thousand ways to plan every second out to avoid any surprises. (Since when is that possible? Spoiler: it’s not.) Travel and adventure is just like life: unexpected, wonderful, and a bit mad all at once. So, instead of trying to plan every second out for your next trip let’s realign our hearts. So let’s talk about what that might look like.


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#1 Our hearts should be seeking God’s beauty and glorifying Him for it.

I think most of us think about this when we are hiking or in nature. When we stand on the top of a mountain and look out over the insane landscape that is Earth. It’s natural to recognize our complete inability to create something like that. It draws us to worship God.

But nature isn’t the only place that has beauty. The car ride, plane ride, or any transportation method lets you see immense scenery. Next time you’re walking through a city, look up from your google maps and appreciate the architecture. Take in the designs of buildings, the amazing smells of restaurants, and even the diversity of people. From tiny details to insane architectural feats, there’s a lot there! There is beauty so many things; part of travel is appreciating everything you can find.

#2 Our hearts should pursue peace.

This one is hard right? When the hotel loses your reservations, the rental car’s GPS is broken, or your travel buddy is being supremely annoying it’s so tough not to explode. Last summer I have a distinct memory of being on a train to Boston. We couldn’t figure out how to buy tickets for our connecting train or where we were headed. Instead of taking a deep breath, I let my anxiety and frustrations take the reigns. Basically I ended up whisper shouting and using my eyes to shoot daggers. It wasn’t my prettiest moment and I hate that. I hate that I ever let all that ugliness ruin what could have been a great moment.

So my suggestion? Let things roll of your back. Take each moment as part of the adventure. You never know where you might end up and your relationships will stay much stronger and healthier!


#3 Our hearts should seek service.

One of the coolest things about adventures and traveling is the exposure to different people. Whether you go 10 miles or 1,000, you are around people that are not apart of your day-to-day. You get so many opportunities to speak with people and share your heart when traveling. On a hiking trail, maybe it just looks like smiling and saying hello as you pass someone. In a restaurant, maybe it looks like being polite and courteous to a waiter even when they get your order wrong. In a hostel or hotel, try sitting in the lobby and getting to know the people there. Pretty much everyone likes talking to other travelers (This is particularly noticeable abroad). I could continue listing about a thousand different sceneries. The key thing is to remember loving Christ doesn’t stop on vacation or a trip. It should carry over and continue to be a marker of your life. So utilize those special moments to bring light into a situation or someone’s life.

YES, to all of those things. Those attitudes are what I pray over my travels and now what I pray over yours. I hope you take these in and examine them against your life. Ultimately, my desire is that this post would bring you closer to God, your family/friends, and would allow you to enjoy life more. If any of these markers resonate with you or change something in how you travel, please let me know. I love hearing about adventures so please send me an email or comment so I can hear about yours!


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