Tunes: Travel Vibes

I’ve been stuck in one place for too long. Life has hit fast forward (as it always does), limiting me from exploring this world. I haven’t gone on a day trip in ages and I’m certainly feeling it. So, I decided to take a break from my impressive mound of work to finish crafting this playlist.

All of these songs hold a certain place in my heart. They inspire my eyes to see me, my heart to love more, and my brain to learn more. I really believe that music helps influence our moods and these songs certainly help put me in the right traveling mindset. I hope you enjoy jamming out with me. This playlist is also open to collaborations so if you have any favorite travel songs you can add those from your Spotify account! (technology is crazy right?)

Have lovely travels sweet friends.

(If you’re looking for this on the app: spotify:user:kelseymassey.elmo:playlist:3cu5f1TfGML4JFFM9wo02R)



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