Resources: An Explorer’s Paradise

Good afternoon! It’s another week and another post here on Firecracker Heart. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages so I’m so excited to share this with y’all! Part of the mission of Firecracker Heart is to provide teaching, inspiration, and encouragement. Well, that’s most of the mission really! I greatly desire to equip each of y’all with as much information and inspiration as possible. Usually I do that through writing and providing my own content but a girl can only write so fast. I’m also literally about to leave on a road trip so please forgive me for posting this late! Anyway, this week I’ve decided to feature some of my favorite online curators. I hope you have fun exploring and diving into their work!


Christian Living

Stephanie May Wilson– I’ve mentioned her many on times on this blog but I just can’t stop! She’s one of my favorite writers because she’s incredibly personal and joyous. The combination of those attributes has created a beautiful space of encouragement. Her latest post, “You Don’t Have to Be Perfect For God To Use You — I’ll Prove It To You,” is one of my all time favorites.

Stephanie also has a free ebook on her website entitled, “The Lipstick Gospel.” It’s heartwarming and inspirational as she tells her story of salvation. I highly recommend giving it a read.

Relevant Magazine– Relevant is a mix between a traditional news outlet and a Christian living blog.They provide some news updates and current events but do so from a Biblical standpoint. They address many current issues such as racism, politics, and gender inequality through the lens of scripture. They also have blog posts simply dedicated to Christian life topics. New posts come out nearly every day so this is a great option for continuous new content.


We Need To Live More– Ella has a variety of things on her blog but I personally love her recipe section. She went vegan last year and has some great recipes up! Her travel and fashion posts also constantly inspire me to become a hippie which is always a big plus in my book as well!

Kuidaore– (Kwee-Doray) I actually found Emma’s website through We Need To Live More and I am so thankful. Emma has some similarities as she posts about food, travel, and lifestyle as well. However, she approaches each category a little differently and always includes incredible film photos. Her travel posts are fantastic for inspiring wanderlust!

World of Wanderlust-This site has a HUGE amount of information! I use this mostly for checking individual countries or locations. Before I go on a trip, I like to research the country and try and find as many insider tips as possible. World of Wanderlust has an insanely comprehensive list of countries to browse through.


Photographers: (via Instagram)

@MrBenBrown– I love Ben’s photos! He actually runs a youtube channel which is where I first heard of him. I found him on insta a bit later and I love his style of photography. He posts a lot of travel photos as well so it serves as great inspiration!

@Tullitha– Ok, she’s Portland based and I swear every photo she posts make me ache to climb a mountain. Enough said.

@MichaelGiroux– SO pretty. His photos have a much warmer tone than I normally like but there’s something about it that’s magical. He posts more pictures of people than the other two photographers so if you’re into portraits definitely check out his work.

Also check out… @thenosyt, @bvickery, and look for an explorers club in your area! Nashville has an Instagram that features local photographer’s work and it’s sick. (@nashvilleexplorersclub) Shameless plug, my insta is @kelseybmassey and I put a lot of work up there that I don’t have a chance to share here.


Enjoy exploring friends!! Let me know which blogger or photographer you like best!! Have the most wonderful week.





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