Adventures: A Very Nashville Saturday

Imagine this: it’s a Saturday morning. You have no plans that day and the sun is shining. It’s just starting to get warm outside. Your absolute favorite people are with you. How are you going to spend that day?


I drive to Nashville. I love days in that city. It’s beautiful and diverse but still a hometown. So much quintessential southern charm meets urban developments. There are a thousand ways to spend your Saturday morning here but I had a pretty perfect day recently that I’d love to share with y’all.


If you find yourself in Nashville anytime soon, there are a few places you have just got to visit.


  1. Barista Parlor

Y’all I talk about this place all the time. I absolutely love it. Nashville has tons of gourmet coffee shops and, I’ve been to most all of them but, Barista Parlor is still my favorite. They have amazing coffee and atmosphere. They roast their own beans as well as pulling products from the best roasters around. These make up their six main coffees (their pour overs are to die for) and they change every few weeks so there’s always something new to try.


They also have an assortment of fair trade chocolate, and a brunch menu. Everything tastes great if you need a pick me up!


Even with all these amazing factors, my favorite part of Barista Parlor is the atmosphere. It’s peaceful. When you walk in the design is really simple, the bar is an open square in the center so you can see straight across the shop. The baristas are so kind and soft-spoken. There is something about this space that I can sit and work for hours in complete calmness. People aren’t rushing around grabbing cups to go or talking loudly into cell phones. It’s like there’s a collective agreement to just enjoy the moment in a state of peace.


It’s so hard to describe but please go check it out. I promise you won’t regret it!


(Note: there are 3 locations but the one in the gulch is right next to my next suggestion.)

  1. Biscuit Loves Brunch

This place. Oh my. It’s southern food meets heaven basically. From Bonuts (It’s a biscuit combined with a donut) to their grits literally everything is amazing. My personal favorite: vegetarian grits with tomato gravy (Yes that’s a thing and yes it’s wonderful!). One of my friends also got a mint tea last time so if you’re a fan of hot tea I definitely recommend trying it. It was some of the best I have ever tried.

This place does tend to have a line so I suggest enjoying Barista Parlors and then anytime after noon or one you’ll be good to go! They have a full bar as well if you’re interested in the true brunch experience and lot’s of outdoor seating. If you’re curious, their Instagram has pictures of a lot of their food. I start drooling pretty much whenever I see it so if that doesn’t convince you; I’m not sure what will!

  1. Parthenon

I love this area in Nashville. The Parthenon is a replica of the actual Parthenon in Greece and honestly is just supper cool to see in person. Sylvie Park is attached to it so there is lot’s of green space, trees, and swings to sit in. You can take a tour on the inside of the building but I’ve never gone for that actually.


I mostly love walking around the pillars, taking pictures, and people watching. Loads of people take portraits here and if you go in the spring, you’ll see plenty of prom groups.


Two of my favorite girls went here after a huge meal at Biscuit Loves Brunch and just lay around in a sleepy, too full state. It’s peaceful and a great place to catch some rays inside the city.


  1. East Nashville


When you’re finished laying around, head on over to East Nashville! East Nashville has also been dubbed as the “hipster,” part of Nashville and I have to admit that makes me laugh. If you’re a bit lost, put in “Wild Cow,” (a restaurant) to help you drive to the right area. Next to Wild Cow, there’s a coffee shop and a funky boutique full of home wear and random locally made items. Actually, if you keep driving down Eastland Avenue you’ll find a number of small, locally owned businesses if you’d like to explore.


That side of Nashville has an abundance of amazing restaurants for you to try. If you like the veggie side of things, Wild Cow is my favorite vegetarian restaurant in the city (it’s vegan as well!). Rosepepper Cantina is right across the street and has some amazing Mexican food. I’ve tried a number of things on their menu and can’t pick a favorite!


Down the road a bit, there’s also The Pharmacy, a local burger joint. This is one of the favored restaurants in Nashville so be prepared to wait for a bit as they don’t accept reservations. They serve burgers, bratwurst, and have a huge bar selection that includes an “old-school soda fountain,” as they put it. They have a biergarten that is lovely to sit in when the weather is nice. (Tip: if you’re a root beer fan like me, definitely try that! It’s on tap and is probably the best I’ve ever had)


  1. If you’re not too tired, then end your day on the walking bridge downtown.


If there isn’t a game, then you can park for free at Nissan stadium and walk the waterfront. It’s beautiful and gives a great view of the Nashville skyline. When you’re done exploring the statues by the river (and playing on the little play ground!) head up the stares and walk across the bridge. This is one of the coolest looks at downtown Nashville. You’ll see runners and cyclists running down the center lane as well as families letting their kiddos explore the bridge.


Take your time and enjoy the view. There’s no rush and seeing the night-lights is just a cool experience. If you’re a photographer, this is also a cool place for night photography. There are plenty of lights on the bridge for some ‘edgy’ portraits or the skyline is always a great image. You can see some of my work here.


Guys, I love this city. There is so much to see and explore!! These are some of my most favorite places though. I truly hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I’d love to hear about your adventures if you try any of these places!


Enjoy exploring my friends.


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