6 Ways To Have an Amazing Summer

Hey friends! Can you believe summer is starting?? I can’t believe it’s already here. (or almost.) The sun is starting to warm up this earth a bit, and with that I’ve already started dreaming of lake days, watermelon, and snow cones.

Growing up, summer was my absolute favorite season. I remember running up and down our cul-de-sac barefoot playing with my friends. My skin would turn dark brown, the bottom of my feet were always black from the tar, and I took every chance there was to jump into a pool. It was heaven basically.

Somewhere in the growing old process, that simple enjoyment changes and fades a bit. And as with every season, that silly, “I’m too busy,” excuse emerges and stops all the fun. One of my resolutions this year was to live my life in full color. By that, I mean that I would say yes to as many opportunities as possible. That I wouldn’t miss my life in the mundane. So I am refusing to skimp out on this summer. I want to enjoy it the way I did as a kid.

If you’re with me on that, then I have a few suggestions on how to do that…

     1. Go Hiking!

Ok, yes it may be hot depending on where you live, but hear me out! First, hiking is a great way to not spend a dime and still have an amazing day. If you’re boiling, then look for trails that have a river or waterfalls along the path. One of the favored trails in my area has multiple (small) waterfalls that people swim in and jump off. It’s gorgeous, great exercise, and not too hot.

Pack a PB&J and you have a free fun day!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

(The hiking trail also doesn’t judge you for wearing the weirdest clothes combination possible. Score)

     2. Find every snow cone truck, popsicle shop, and summer stands in your area!

So this costs a little money but generally snow cones and popsicles are very cheap. Take the time to explore your city by finding every little place that sells these summer treats.

If it’s up to me, I’d make a game of this and rate every place I tried. Figure out which flavors taste the best, who has the strangest options, and what’s the best value. There are usually about 100 different flavors so there’s always something new to try!


     3. Organize a massive water fight.

Then invite me. Cause this sounds like a blast. I’m serious. Call all your friends, post it up on Facebook and then start filling up the water balloons. The dollar store has a bunch of different water toys and water guns if you want to get fancy too.

Remember all those games you played as a kid? You can make it a game of capture the flag, sharks and minnos, ect. if you want some added fun.

If you live in a cooler area, you can always substitute powdered paint for the water! Think the color run on this one. You can buy packages of powdered paint off amazon and have a ball throwing it at one another. Again, you can create some kind of game out of it, but the real fun? Pegging your friends with a wad full of powder. You’ll be sneezing out purple for a while but I promise it’s worth it!


     4. Grill in the park!

Most areas have public parks or land. Maybe there’s even a state park in your area! Wait for the sun to start to set and then grill out with your friends! I like to have everyone bring their own meat (or veggies for me!) and then we split the sides, buns, and paper products. This is incredibly simple and cheaper than eating out.

Make sure to bring lots of blankets to spread out to enjoy your feast! If you wait long enough, you’ll be able to end the evening by stargazing too! There’s nothing sweeter than spending time with your favorite people and except maybe picnicking with your favorite people. Just saying.


     5. Go to a farm for fresh fruit!

My family and I love making pies, tarts, and all kinds of sweets with fresh berries. Personally, I love picking blueberries to make blueberry pie. Literally, the best kind of food. Driving out to a farm is a great day trip and is sure to be a lasting memory. Plus, there is something beautiful about picking your own food.

Maybe take someone who is new to the area or someone you’re just getting to know. This is a great activity that keeps you busy (so no awkward moments) but you can still talk while you work. Plus, eating the fruits of your labor? Priceless.

     6. Last but not least, have a dinner party!

Ah, the beauty of potlucks. One of my favorite things is spending time around a table with my people. The ones that make my heart the most happy. My small group and I had a fiesta potluck recently and had a blast. Someone brought a quesadilla maker, someone grilled up some chicken, and literally everyone brought salsa. We sat around the table and just spend time enjoying each other’s company.

This is also a great budget saving way to have a meal with your friends. It’s not expensive to provide one part of the meal and in my experience there’s always more than enough to eat.

I have this crazy idea that this would be so fun to do as a brunch. I haven’t had the chance to make this happen yet but how fun would it be to invite your friends over for a beautiful Saturday morning? Waffles, pancakes, eggs, and community… Does it get any better?IMG_1467.JPG

I don’t know about you but I am SO ready to go out and have some fun making the most of this season. I hope these ideas have sparked your imagination! If you try any of these out, please let me know below! Or, if you have any crazy ideas of your own, comment those too! I’m always up for more inspiration and I’d love Firecracker Heart to be a community that shares our ideas with one another.

Love you all, enjoy adventuring!



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