Let’s Talk About Lies

Let’s talk about lies. For real, take a second and think about the last 24 hours. Have you thought,

“I’m not good enough.”

“I’m not worthy.”

“I’m ugly.”

“I wish I was like him/her.”

I’m going to guess the answer is yes to that question. It’s so easy to be filled with thoughts that are not from the Lord. He doesn’t say any of those things about us yet we believe them so readily. One of my dear friends reminded me this week that we often forget to protect our minds from ourselves. We have the cruelest thoughts and criticize ourselves in extreme ways. Honestly, more often than not, I’m my own worst enemy.


This summer, I am back working at a summer camp that I love. I learned so much about God and myself in the last year. I struggled a lot with insecurity and fear when I was at camp last. God has been so good and helped me grow exponentially over the months since that I was fairly confident going into staff training this year. I had practiced calling out lies and speaking truth over myself that I thought I had this in the bag. But, with that confidence came a little bit of arrogance. I simply assumed I wouldn’t struggle again. That I had “beat” that sin.


Unfortunately, sin rarely works like that and arrogance literally never helps the situation. Instead of feeling free, a lot of old pains and hurts have resurfaced. Feelings of inadequacy, struggles, painful memories, and more have seemed really present. Satan really does not want this summer to work well. He hates that Jesus is present where I work. He hates that we worship the Lord and celebrate the Gospel. Literally, he hates it. So he attacks. He spreads lies and fears and doubts. 1 Peter 5:8 says that Satan “prowls like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”


I don’t know your particular situation but I do know that Satan loves to destroy. He loves it when we stumble. He seeks our failure. If you’re struggling with this, I want to reach out and give you a massive bear hug. I want to remind you of your worth, that the Lord protects you, that you’re loved.


You don’t have to live in fear or in the lies. There is so much freedom in the Lord. John 1:5 says, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”


Y’all the light overcomes the dark. God wins every time. The demons tremble and submit at the sound of the Lord’s name. They can’t stand it. They cannot stand in the face of the might of Jesus’ name.


Exercise that power my friends! Call out the lies! Replace them with scripture the way Jesus did in the desert when He was tempted. When I recognize a lie or thought, I actually stop and say or pray, “I am a daughter of the King. He is a mighty, holy God and darkness has no power over me. Darkness may not exist here. I am free. I am loved. I am under His protection.”


Those words aren’t in vain. As a child of God we have so much power and protection. Y’all God loves loves loves you. Think of how dads protect their children. They do everything in their power to prevent their little ones from pain. How much more does a heavenly father love us? He so cares for you! He cares for your hurts and struggles. He is there in that.

He crafted you and greatly values you. He sent His own son to die for you so that you might be saved! Give those thoughts up to Him. Let Him enter that space and teach you who you really are. Let His words dictate your beliefs.

If you’re struggling with a particular lie or struggle, I’d love to walk through that with you and help you find scripture to replace it. I’m praying truth over you sweet friends. Firecracker Heart is a place for community and vulnerability. If you feel led, I’d love to start a dialogue in the comments and here what is on your hearts!


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