Resources: 5 Beautiful Things

Good morning friends! I hope you’re doing well this lovely day! I am on vacation with my family this week enjoying some much needed rest and time together. I firmly believe in pointing y’all to as many different resources as I can find. I can only write or post so much and there are so many beautiful things for you to explore! So while I’m resting up, I hope you enjoy some new inspirations! ❤


Tim Kellner– I love this youtube channel. Tim creates short films that are visually inspiring and beautiful. If you click on his name, it will lead you to a video entitled, “Breathe.” He filmed that one in the Netherlands and it just speaks to my heart. I love beautiful things and he captures scenery, vibe, and emotions incredibly well.


Jefferson Bethke– Jeff makes content that is very different from Tim’s but inspiring in its own way. He alternates between short messages and family vlogs. He loves the Lord and isn’t afraid to tackle big questions or debates. I’ve gained so much wisdom from both him and his wife’s advice. On the other hand, he posts a vlog of his family each week and honestly, they just make me smile. (plus they live in Hawaii so it’s gorgeous)



She/He Reads Truth- If you haven’t heard of these websites, they are invaluable! They provide scripture to read each morning and a short commentary/discussion below. There’s a site for women and for men. They are currently going through a series on mourning and dancing that is beautiful. If you’re ever looking for some encouragement or a nugget of truth, I highly recommend exploring their website.



Hipster Hymns– My sweet friend Grace introduced me to this spotify playlist and I love it. Contemporary artists have remaster hymns and created a gorgeous new sound. I love playing this during my quiet time or really anytime I want to pause to worship the Lord.



Avocado and Hummus Toast– Super simple recipe but so delicious! This is one of my favorite meals and Ella’s photos are actually making my mouth water.


Firecracker Heart’s “Yummmm” Pinterest Board– So this is a little biased because it’s my board, but yummmmm is right! I pin many of the vegetarian, vegan-friendly dishes I have discovered here. I love food and love feeding my belly healthy foods that keep it happy. So treat yo self to some deliciousness!

I hope you have fun exploring and I will be back next week! (for now, I’m laying around listening to the waves on the side of a lake I’m staying at. Basically heaven.)


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