A Way of Perseverance

Good Morning! I am so happy it’s finally Friday! This week has been extraordinarily hard and long. But today, I got to wake up and have coffee with my sweet parents who are visiting and now I get to spend some time with y’all.

I think I’ve mentioned a few times to y’all that this season of life is a little insane. I’ve been crazy crazy busy. You know, we say that all the time. “I’m so busy.” “Life’s busy!” We throw that word around like life is always busy. I am guilty of this. I say it all the time. But, this particular season has shown me that there’s a difference between a full life and a busy one.

Busy lives look like… A day without breaks. Days so long and packed without time to just exist. Weeks that are just a blur of memories. Having to schedule time to spend with friends at least 2 weeks in advance. Doing everything at half effort. Being too tired to be fully present. Wanting to lie down on the sidewalk. Being overwhelmed.

20161009_043_masseyFull lives look like… Going about your day with purpose. Being productive but also setting aside time to be still. Committing your whole mind completely to your efforts. Putting relationships first. Serving others well. Listening with open ears. Showing up ready for life. Taking time for stillness in the Lord.

Jesus has a plan for us. It’s a whole lot closer to a full life than a busy life. The Bible has detailed plans and explanations for a full, purpose-filled existence. Jesus had a lot going on. He taught, healed people, and talked until He was exhausted. If anyone understands what a hectic schedule looks like, it’s Him. He had the whole world depending on Him. However, Jesus has some pretty unique characteristics.

20161009_087_masseyHe always found time to be alone with God. We see Him leaving the crowds to be alone and pray in a number of passages. He puts a priority on that relationship. On seeking wisdom. He knew how much he had to do. He knew people constantly wanted Him for something. But, He placed an upmost importance on spending time with God.

He lived with eternity in mind. This seems a little odd to mention. Of course Jesus lived with eternity in mind, He’s God. But, there’s always value in understanding how Jesus lived. He is our ultimate example. I mention His perspective because, Jesus understood what mattered at the end of the day. He chose people over status. The hurting over the important. The right way over the popular one. Even when His actions cost Him friends, status, or popularity, even when they led to His arrest and eventual death, Jesus acted with a purpose. He knew where He was going.

I have a hard time with purpose. I like to say yes to every opportunity and chase down every road. Saying no has never been a strong suit of mine. Purposefully planning my life is definitely not a strength either. What would it look like if we changed our thinking? What if we determined what was truly important and focused on that? What if we traded status for intimacy with God? Popularity for deep friendships? 

As I struggle through the rest of this season, I’m in a perseverance mindset. I have had to constantly remind myself that saying, “yes,” isn’t really an option anymore. Instead, it’s come time to orient my life in a new direction. Hopefully one with more sleep, more relationships, and more Jesus. Maybe a little less planners and scheduling coffee dates 2 weeks in advance.

20161009_082_massey-3If you feel crazy tired or overwhelmed like me, I’m sending you a huge ‘ole bear hug through this screen. Friend, I feel your pain. Let’s start taking some strides together by reclaiming our lives and reorienting them. Much love.


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