Gratitude for Today

Good morning! How are you today? I’m currently snuggled on my couch sipping on my coffee. For me, that’s the perfect way to start a Friday. I think having a moment to just sit still and enjoy the morning is really important. However you like to enjoy your morning, I’m wishing you a restful one! Today we are continuing our series on thankfulness. With that in mind, I have a question for y’all.


What are you grateful for?


I don’t want you to answer this quickly. Take a moment and really think. What has happened today, yesterday, this week or month that you are thankful for? Sometimes, when we are caught up in the day-to-day, moment-by-moment stuff of daily living, we forget this. I struggle to think of something sometimes. Life just happens and often I forget to pay attention to it. So, take a deep breath, and spend a moment remembering.

When I think about this question, I think first of the coffee I’m holding, I’m terribly thankful for that joy. But, then I think of the beautiful weather I’ve seen this week, the encouraging text a friend sent, the two (yes two) free Starbucks drinks friends brought me yesterday, and the cooking magazine my momma mailed me. If you asked what happened this week, I can’t tell you anything dramatic. Life happened. School, work, friends. When I stop a moment, like we just did, and process through the little moments, I rediscover the small things.


When pursuing gratitude or thankfulness, that’s often how it is. Sure, sometimes you’ll win the lottery, you’ll say, “I do,” or you might get a promotion. Those moments are amazing and wonderful but, if you wait to practice faithfulness until something big happens, you may be waiting a long time.

That’s why thankfulness is not something we can just practice when everything is perfect. (We’re going to talk next week in depth about that so, stay tuned!)

Alright, so we have taken a moment and thought about little things we are thankful for, now what? This post is not intended to just make you feel warm and fuzzy. Rather, I believe that the more we learn about God and how He has designed us to live, the more we should act upon it. Gratitude is not solely a private act but also a public one.


We talked last week about the power of words. They can either be life or death. Y’all know that in this season, I’m focusing heavily on how I use my words, insuring that they are glorifying to God. I hope y’all have joined me on that mission. Along that same vein, I want to add a second challenge. I want to challenge you, and me, to encourage others in thankfulness.

Kindness seems like a small thing. A simple thing. We have a amazing impact on others and we often forget that. How we treat them, how we speak to them, and how we live our lives is noticed. It’s seen and it has an effect. How will we leverage it?

This could look like you writing a letter, sending a text, or calling someone up. But, it also could look like you talking with someone you know about gratefulness. Ask them what they are grateful for. Share you experiences with them. Intentional conversations are meaningful and surprisingly rare in our culture. Try it out. See how God moves.


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