Today’s Thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving friends!!! Are you still crazy full? I think we can all agree Thanksgiving is pretty much the best day ever when it comes to food. Having time to spend with my family and loved ones has been amazing. I hope you are enjoying time with your people too!

Today, I want to be super practical and simple with y’all. Let’s talk about what we can be thankful for today. I want to encourage y’all to make a list. Think through it and praise God for what He has placed in your life. Today, I’m thankful for,

  1. My sweet family who laughs, cries, and enjoys life with me.


2. Friends that show me compassion and love.


3. A world full of beautiful things to explore.

20160122_096_Massey.jpg4. Lastly, I’m thankful for all of y’all! Thank you for listening to my stories and encouraging me through this journey.



This space is special and I thank y’all for sharing in the journey with me. Here’s to another year of thankfulness, exploring, loving, and laughing. Enjoy your Friday friends. ❤


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