Merry Christmas!

Happy almost Christmas Eve friends! Christmas is so close I can almost taste it! I have planned for weeks to write about the struggle for joy at the holidays. Life doesn’t really look like the Christmas commercials where everyone is laughing and perfectly happy. Things are a bit messier than that. I have been praying and thinking through what the Lord would have me share with you, but I think there are some other writers who can offer much more wisdom than me! I read some posts on a few of my favorite websites that I would like to share with you. I have been so encouraged by these words, I hope they encourage you as well!


Desiring God– “What Grieving People Wish You Knew at Christmas”

  • This post was so helpful for me to read in order to understand how to love on the hurting people in my life. Whether you are specifically hurting this Christmas or those close to you, this post offers a lot of insight!


Ann Voskamp-“The Best Habitat to Cultivate When Joy is Eluding You”

  • I love the style of writing in this post! It’s written in a story format and is honestly just beautiful!


Relevant Magazine– “How to Survive Holiday Stress”

  • This post has so many wonderful, easy to apply truths. I love the practical nature of this post and its wisdom. I specifically love the suggestion to serve first over the holidays. It changes the mindset and perspective of what the holidays are about. (also, just love this website in general!)


Y’all I hope y’all enjoy these articles! I’m signing off for a while to enjoy Christmas with my family but I’ll see y’all next Friday! I hope you have a joyful Christmas. ❤


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