Life Tenants

Happy 2017! The days are already flying by in this new year! Life moves so fast. Last week, as I posted my 2017 resolutions, I realized something. I’ve mentioned my life tenants before but I’ve never explained them or what that means. I believe that life is lived better with purpose. We do things better when we have goals in mind, something to strive to.

I have many goals in life. I set project goals, monthly goals, and even yearly goals in the form of resolutions. These things help me to preform at my best. Tenants are a bit different. My tenants guide my life. They are my theology, my base, and what I come back to again and again.

They are who I am. My morals. My values.

When I die, I want these things to be said of me. To be known by them.

I have many (many) tenants. Some show up more than others. I strive to show respect to everyone I meet, no matter our differences. That comes out a lot. I also strive to leave others encouraged and with a sense of joy. I don’t always get to see the fruition of that.

Because I know my base, my beliefs now, I will have less to question when I need to rely upon them. For instance, I value honesty, complete honesty. I believe in telling the truth exactly as it is. As you can imagine, life likes to complicate this. When I’m forced to make a decision, a hard one, this belief is already in my life. I strive to be honest. So, I will be honest.

I believe the value in knowing, expressly, your tenants is just that. You know them. You have directions. Your guardrails are in place to guide you. They are in place before you fall off the edge.

And so, I encourage you to spend a few moments with this. Take some time over the next few weeks. What do you value? What is truly important to you at your core? Who do you want to be?

I encourage you to be specific and selective when thinking about life tenants. These do not change at the end of the year. These will last. So think these through and decided what’s important to you.


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