Welcome to Firecracker Heart! I’m Kelsey, it’s nice to meet you.

View More: http://kaykphotography.pass.us/kelsey

Name: Kelsey

Home: Tennessee (or wherever I find myself that week)

Occupation: Student (Media Management and Global Studies)

Interests: Immigration, Refugees, Culture, Travel, Photography, Food, Social Justice

Fun Fact(s): I eat mostly vegetarian, always pescatarian, and sometimes vegan. Also, I’ve climbed the tallest indoor rock climbing wall in the U.S. (It was tall)

View More: http://kaykphotography.pass.us/kelsey

I get fired up about identity issues. About equality. About heartaches and celebrations. I believe in fighting for the broken and downtrodden. I believe everyone has a voice if they can only find the strength to speak. This is also why I chose Firecracker Heart as a blog title. I get all kinds of passionate when my buttons get pushed.

I’m the queen of exuberant rants because if we don’t speak, who will?

 I have no clue where life will lead me but I have a kaleidoscope of dreams. Firecracker Heart is one of those dreams. Thank you for celebrating life with me.

See my Twitter (@kelseybmassey), Instagram (@kelseybmassey), and Pinterest (Firecracker Heart)


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