Here are a few of my favorite things….


Stephanie has such a vibrant, sweet voice. Her words never fail to convict, inspire, and encourage me. Her blog is one of the first I ever read and my go-to.

I always turn to Ella’s blog for inspiration and anything artsy. She write about traveling, fashion, music, and other life-related stuff. She lives in-the-moment and seems to never waste a day which is a huge motivator for me. Oh! And lot’s of all natural products and charities get featured which is just awesome.

I found Emma’s blog through Ella’s (the blog above) and I love her style. She posts about travel, exercise, and food mostly. She has great style and sense of beauty which is not only evident in her clothing but in her photography. Her beautiful, mostly film, photos from her travel made me itch to jump on a plane.

This site is a ministry project through YWAM (Youth With a Mission) that has beautiful, professional level videos and photos from around the world. I absolutely love that they capture ministry and the heart of people through media forms. Seriously, so cool.


The Village Church

Lots of churches podcast their sermons but very few are as easy to find and download as the Village Church. Their app is easy to use and I love love love Matt Chandler’s preaching. I highly recommend the “Beautiful Design,” series. It’s wonderful and so helpful.


The Christian genre is rarely talked about on Spotify but their play lists are my fave. I’m a big fan of “Indie Worship.” It’s updated weekly so I don’t have to go searching for new Christian artists. Great resource! You can also look me up and listen to all of ze blog playlists I’ve crafted at kelseymassey.elmo.


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